CH 16: Virgil Thomson (1896-1989)


Four Saints in Three Acts (Opera & Synopsis)

Notes    = Libretto  > Libretti []

1.14.38 [Orchestra Of Our Time] 19 tableaus, last 18 autoload

= A Fractured Iconography of Gender

in Four Saints and Three Acts

 by Gyllian Phillips


Freedom Fighters by Russell Platt    PBS

The Mother of Us All  (Opera & Synopsis)


The Metropolitan Opera Stories of the Great Operas, Volume 1

By John W. Freeman, Metropolitan Opera (New York, N.Y.)

[The story of this opera is at pages 441 to 444]

2.01.32 [#VirgilThomson] 12 tableaus, last 11 autoload

Opera News by DAVID J. BAKER


Thomson, Stein and the Mother of Us All by Robert Marx


Four Saint in Thre Acts []

Opera Review

George Gordon Byron 6th Baron Byron

Lord Byron (Opera & Synopsis)      Synopses

 5 opera fragments [#BudapestSymphonyOrchestra]

1.19 (Sweet Lady) 1.39 (A wanderer from the British world of fashion)

 1.09 [Fare thee well thus disunited] 1:32 [I'd sooner burn in hell]

1.55 (Alas! The love of woman!)

OPERA: THOMSON'S 'BYRON'      Review 'Lord Byron'


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The Happy Infamy of Virgil Thomson by Alex Ross


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