Dido   Aeneas (myth)

Dido and Aeneas (Opera & Synopsis)

Opera & Synopses     Libretti

     Scores     56.04 [Simon Birch]

King Arthur    King Arthur (Opera & Synopsis)

Opera & Synopses   Libretti    Scores

1.33.21 [La Pellegrina1589]    2.50.21 [znojmo.tv]

Fairy Queen (disambiguation)

The Fairy-Queen (Opera & Synopsis)

Opera & Synopses  Libretti

  Scores    1.13.49 [sarabande100]

The Indian Queen (Opera)    

    Opera & Synopses    Libretti

Scores     1.13.30 [Dramma per musica]

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HENRY PURCELL And His Extant Operas.

6.45 Charles Hazelwood about Purcell [BBC Radio 3]

1.40.10 Homage to Henry Purcell [Simon Birch]

= The Purcell Society [henrypurcell.org.uk/]

CH 1: HENRY PURCELL (1659-1595)


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