CH 1: JACOPO PERI (1561-1633)


Daphne (myth)   Dafne (Opera)  

Dafne    Libretti

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6.50 ‘Tu dormi, e ‘l dolce sonno’ [FromBaroquewithLove's]


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The Baroque Libretto: Domenico Pietropaolo and Mary Ann Parker

La Dafne       L’Euridice

Ovid: The Metamorphoses Book X

Euridice (Myth)    Euridice (Opera & Synopsis)          

Opera & Synopsis    Libretti   Scores

   1.36.14 The earliest surviving opera”[jwhill7]

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1.41.50 [LaPellegrina1589]

  The “Orfeo’s Lament” ”10 Che narri Ohime…” [Farfranz]

Euridice     Le Tre Euridici:

First attempts at the dramatic recitative: Jacopo Peri – Giulio Caccini


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Jacopo Peri and His Extant Operas.         

 “The renaissance of Music” BY Morton Lotham

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(At the bottom paragraph of pg. 43 and the top of pg. 44,

the Author comments on the musical rendition of the “Orfeo’s Lament”.

List of Orphean Operas

Origins of Opera     Italian Opera


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